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We at Chia Kings are dedicated to the sustainability of our product. The best Chia in the world comes from its native fields of Jalisco, Mexico where the population, with thousands of years of experience, have perfected the techniques of growing and cultivating chia seed. With the perfect climate for growing and cultivating Chia, there is no need for man-made intervention such as pesticide spray or artificial irrigation. Rain-water irrigation is an environmentally friendly and sustainable way for the farmers to irrigate their fields, relying on the natural wet season of Jalisco to provide and guaranteeing the pureness of rainwater without the fears of contamination more likely seen with artificial applications of water. 

The chia plant itself is naturally pest-resistant and the fields of Jalisco are hand-weeded during the planting and growing season by the farmers, eliminating the need for harmful chemical intervention. In late October into early November the climate has changed to cool and dry, enabling the plants to naturally defend their seeds from the cooler weather, boosting their Omega content, making Jalisco, Mexico chia some of the most Omega-3, 6, and 9 rich chia seed in the world. The chia fields of Jalisco are used exclusively for the growth of chia and are situated geographically so that no contaminates from livestock are possible.  

✅100% naturally dried, no man-made intervention such as pesticide spray 

✅100% rainwater irrigation 

✅100% hand weeded, no chemical intervention 

🌱More Omega 3,6 and 9 compared to any other chia in the world.CHIA KINGS - THE SUPERFOOD OF THE SUPER-FOODS.


With our humble beginnings, we at Chia Kings believe in the community of our birthplace. All of the outsourced companies that we employ are Jalisco based, family-owned and operated businesses. Using locally sourced businesses and farmers to grow, harvest, clean, and package the chia, Chia Kings is dedicated to helping the small communities and economies of Jalisco, Mexico grow with us. With the same farming techniques passed down through generations, and using locally sourced resources, we at Chia Kings can provide top quality chia seed that we can be proud of.